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Creative, attractive, and useful. More than clothing accessories, embroidered patches are used to determine ranks, positions, and achievements, making them a popular piece of embroidery. Usually sewn on a cloth or attached with a pin, embroidered patches are patches with threads stitched into a fabric backing to create patterns, images, texts, or logos. Most of these kinds of patches are custom embroidered patches that cater to the varying demands of the users.

Their attractiveness and usefulness can be attributed to how they are being manufactured. Once a very complicated process, the production of custom embroidered patches have become more and more convenient for manufacturers, making it even more accessible for consumers.

Manufacturing Embroidered Patches

The production of embroidered patches stretches back to the time when the world was still void of technological advancements. The fabric backing, which is the base of the patch, is shaped and its edges sealed. The thread is stitched into the fabric by hand. This time-consuming procedure though was changed when embroidery machines were invented. Over time, machines improved, incorporating different types of stitches used to design the fabric backing.

Iron On PatchesToday, with more technologically advanced computers, one can easily design embroidered patches using different embroidery software. Costumers don’t have to wait too much for their custom patches to be finished, plus they can order them in bulk because of their easier production. What was once produced over a long period of time can now be done over few hours, depending on the patch’s complexity.

One of the important parts of the patches is their fabric backing. Like its mode of production, the quality of these backings has also improved, promising durability. From the traditional fabrics, plastic backing is now applied to the patch, which makes it stiffer and which also avoids wrinkling. Most patches are die-cut and may vary in sizes, depending on the costumer’s needs.

The thread stitched into the backing also varies. Although some patches use cotton threads, polyester blend threads are preferred by many because of it is more durable and are dyed in color that will not be easily washed out. These threads are embroidered using different stitches: blanket stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, running stitch, or cross stitch.

In personalizing an embroidered patch, the process does not involve hassle. A costumer may submit patch design ideas to the manufacturer. It can be a sketch, an artwork, or a vectored image that will reflect how the costumer wants his or her patch to appear.

These designs will then be digitally scanned and enhanced. The improved design requires the approval of the costumer before they are produced. This allows them to make revisions in case they are not satisfied with the digital proof of the patch.

Using the design file, the patch will be embroidered in multi-head sewing machines that are computer-controlled and can easily stitch varying colors of threads simultaneously.

The Many Applications of Embroidered Patches

Even during the 80s, embroidered patches were used on soldier’s uniforms. Patches sewn on the uniforms commonly varied depending on the rank or position of the wearer. This goes to show that embroidered patches are not made only for decorative purposes. In fact, patches of historical values are being collected by many.

Up until now, embroidered patches represent certain achievements and are usually worn by individuals who involve themselves in scouting activities. The more patches you have, the more achievements you have achieved.

Custom embroidered patches, however, are also used as fashion accessories. There are clothes that make use of embroidered patches to improve aesthetics. Since one can personalize them, embroidered patches are also best used in expressing one’s self through the images, text, or logos conveyed on the patches. Different organizations and groups have also been using embroidered patches as part of their uniforms.

Priced reasonably and are easy to wear, custom embroidered patches can be found on different accessory stores and can even be bought easily online.

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Owning a business with many employees can be quite challenging when it comes to getting to know each and every one in the company. Getting to remember their names can be hard enough, which is why IDs are essential. Aside from this, identification is also very important when it comes to liability, work effort, production, and many other work-related aspects. In order to hold the ID in place, the use of an ID holder or a lanyard can be most helpful. A majority of establishments have been providing their staff with neck lanyards to hold their IDs.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons why business owners should do so for their employees.

First of all, aside from its main purpose of holding the employee’s ID, it may also serve as a means in safekeeping valuables such as keys and cellphones. These objects are commonly misplaced by many. To avoid such incidents, using one’s lanyard proves to be a way for employees to organize and be mindful of their personal belongings by allowing their valuables to be close to them at all times.

Organized employees lead to more productivity during work. Aside from providing easy identification to the workers, it also prevents the employees from having to experience situations wherein they have to scramble their work area just to look for his or her missing keys or any other item that can be attached to the lanyard.

Neck LanyardsAside from this, neck lanyards, most especially those customized exclusively for the company, help the employees become more attached to the company they work for because more often than not, these customized ID laces bear the logo of the company. By wearing neck lanyards with their company’s insignia, it will make them feel more like a representative of their company as they wear it with a sense of pride, especially when participating in special events or gatherings wherein other businesses would be present.

It provides a valuable and noteworthy reminder of the company to customers or possible partners that will pay one’s share in the future. When worn outside the workplace, it also provides an opportunity to start conversations as bearing the company’s logo; people would most likely want to ask about one’s workplace or the nature of one’s work. This could help in marketing the company as many would spread the word about the company and thus gain more customers and possible new applicants wanting to work for the company as well.

Investing in good quality neck lanyards is quite a good option as it benefits not only the employees but the entire company as well. Customization of these ID cords is actually quite simple and can even be done online when placing an order. There are many choices when it comes to material, type, colors, and other specifications. Large orders usually lead to a cheaper price, which is why ordering in bulk for the staff and other members of the company would be a good idea as it comes out cheap.

Although seemingly plain and simple, these mere laces bring more meaning when worn. It somehow signifies a strong impression of belongingness to the company. Newly hired employees are usually presented with their IDs attached to a lanyard; it gives the wearer the privilege to represent the company as being a model for its standards and services.

Leaders and company owners need not think twice about getting their employees neck lanyards. There are numerous advantages in doing so that will greatly benefit the company as it positively affects its employees. Allow your employees to proudly show their loyalty and service to the company by the use of a lanyard.

Custom rubber bracelets are gaining more and more popularity these days. In truth, these custom silicone bracelets have already proven their value as advertising products. These are effective in promoting a cause, commemorating an event, and even in conducting charity drives. With the customization feature of the said bracelet, it is easy to convey a message to a specific target audience or even to the public.

If you’ll be hosting an activity, then consider casting the magic known as the rubber bracelet. You can use it to advertise your activity. The bracelet can help you promote the products, services, or even the person that you are marketing. It should be an extremely beneficial bracelet to prepare when you have an event that you are organizing right now.

Here are the top nine benefits that you can enjoy if you use custom rubber bracelets for your event:
1.Effectively promote the message you are trying to convey

In case the event you are hosting is a charity or fundraising event, then the rubber bracelet is what you need to promote your cause’s message effectively. You just have to customize it to bear the message you want to say (“Go Green!” or “No to Smoking!”). The good thing about it is that you do not only have to carve the message you want to say into the bracelets, you can choose the color that represents your cause well.

Custom Rubber BraceletsSince the rubber bracelet is not an expensive marketing tool, even fundraisers or charity events that only rely on sponsorship can purchase wholesale rubber bracelets. When you pass these bracelets out to the target audience, people receiving them will reconsider throwing them away. They will feel as if it is a waste to throw the item away, after all. This gives the custom bracelet an edge over other marketing materials like leaflets.


The durability of the rubber bracelet is definitely worthy of praise. Starting from the band which is made from thick rubber, you can expect it not to break even after it gets pulled on tightly. The band is durable enough to withstand pressure from accidental pulling.

Aside from this, the message printed on the band will not easily fade away. As long as you have entrusted the printing of the message to a reliable custom bracelet maker, you can retain the marking on the band for a long period of time. That means that there will be more and more people who are likely to see your message, especially when the rubber bracelets are worn outside on a regular basis.

Of course, you do not have to worry even when you wash the rubber bracelet. The band itself is washable. No need to worry about fading prints even when you are washing the bracelet.

3.Brings out your creativity

If you are the one who will be designing the custom bracelets, then you should be able to bring out your creative juices. Every person has an innate talent for creativity. Anyone can design the custom bracelets then. There is no significant restrictions on the designing and layout of the custom silicone bracelet. Be it in the print or in the color used, no limitations are applied.

You just have to make sure that you can pay the cost of printing the design on the custom bracelet though. The cost will depend on the size and style of your design. Moreover, the more colors you used, the more you might have to pay.

It is highly recommended that you ask for a quote from the custom rubber bracelet provider before you send in a request. They might ask you for the number of bracelets you want them to make, so prepare that information. If you ask for a quote beforehand, you can determine whether or not the cost falls within your budget.


The custom rubber bracelets are the most convenient thing to have as a marketing tool. After all, it can be easily acquired from the thrift shop or even from online retailers. It will not take a long time for the printing to be carried out completely too. Even if you are going for a rush order, the custom silicone bracelet will arrive in time for your event.

It should not be a problem handing them out to other people too. It is not that heavy so you can hand it out to anyone. The design and style is not something that other people will be averse to as well. Most people will accept the bracelet wholeheartedly because they know they can use it as a fashion statement or as support for a charitable cause.

These are just some of the benefits that come from opting to have custom rubber bracelets. These marketing materials are worth using for your event. You should not hesitate to have these for your event then.

Long Island is home to a lot of various dining establishments, recreational areas, and key places in New York. A lot of homebuyers consider purchasing a second home within Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, or Brooklyn. Whether you want a vacation house, a retirement place, a rental home, or just an additional investment by purchasing a second home, you should go through this list of tips for buying a second house and purchasing among homes for sale in Long Island, NY, or visit li-realestatefinder.com for best quality property investment solution.

• First, you need to consider the financial aspects of your decision.

Buying a second home in Long Island sounds very enticing. However, would it be worth the costs that you would be incurring? Despite saving enough for your new home purchase, your potential house would still require you to shell out some money. Some of the things you need to pay for are your homeowner’s association dues, mortgage costs, maintenance expenses, and insurance. You have to compute your monthly income and the monthly expenses that you would be subsequently paying after closing.

• Assess the market condition in the area.

Real estateYou can choose to look for areas with a steady appreciation rate. Considering your second home as an investment, areas with appreciating home rates will provide substantially higher market values in the future.

• You might also consider devising non-conventional ways of financing your second home.

It would be beneficial if you can tap friends or relatives for financial help. This way, you can save loads of costs and expenses that would pile up with your mortgages and interest payments.

• Take into consideration the reason for your purchase.

Are you going to have a family member live in it, is it going to be your home for retirement, or do you plan to use it as a vacation house? You should keep this in mind while choosing the structure and interior of your potential second home. If it’s going to be a vacation place, its location is an important factor.

• Have a look around your prospective new neighborhood.

If you are browsing through homes for sale in Long Island, NY, it is important to personally check on your optimal home choices to compare the surroundings within the area.

• Most people who decide to purchase a second home tend to offer their homes for rent.

homeIf it wouldn’t be occupied, offering it for rental can help offset the costs that are incurred. However, being a landlord entails a huge responsibility. You need to choose trustworthy renters since you wouldn’t want to hand your house over to irresponsible people. You also have to check on the homeowner’s association and the local governing rules regarding rentals in your community.

• Invest in optimal security measures.

You can choose to install an alarm system, CCTV system, and other accident prevention measures such as a sprinkler system. Another important aspect is insurance. You may also be required to have a title and hazard insurance for your new home.

• Find a trustworthy real estate agent who is knowledgeable about homes for sale in Long Island, NY.

He or she will handle essential negotiations so it is important to work with someone who has exemplary confidence and experience. Your agent should also be honest and truthful. Brokers and agents tend to provide clients with unnecessary compliments just to close deals. You should have someone you would be comfortable to work with and someone who truly listens to your wants and needs.

Wearing IDs in school has never been so much fun without custom lanyards! They are more than just useful ID laces with the school or university’s logo printed on them. They can also be a fun and unique collectible especially for freshmen and graduating students. They can also be a creative souvenir item for school guests and visitors. For university students, lanyards could probably be more than just a holder of very important ID’s or library cards. Since they are very useful and easy to carry around, they can also serve as chains for precious locker keys or even cell phones. It is no wonder then that custom lanyards are among the very popular accessories among students especially those in universities.

Aside from being really useful, a custom lanyard can also show support towards the school especially in inter-school competitions such as debates, athletics, cheer dance, quiz competitions, etc. Moreover, the school name and school logo are not the only things that can be included in the lanyard designs. The school mascot can also be incorporated or the debate team’s name or the varsity team’s name, etc.

Custom lanyards are also useful identity tags not only to recognize different schools, but also different departments or institutes within a single university. Lanyards for the different dormitories and organizations or clubs in the university can also be produced. It is great with inter-departmental, inter-dormitory and even inter-club competitions. It is one way to show support and loyalty to your respective teams. And it is also another way to raise funds for the event or for an upcoming activity.

custom lanyardFor club activities in the school, it is a little difficult to get some money from the administration. Hence most of the time, students organize a lot of fundraising activities. With the popularity of useful, creative and cheap custom lanyards, what better way is there to raise some cash other than sell them? It is very easy for young and creative students to create various unique designs. Moreover, lanyards can be mass produced in less time than you think so this idea would be really fruitful. Selling these lanyards can also help promote the club, the upcoming event and also the school to non-members and probably to some private sponsors. Unlike selling food, selling lanyards can also be more convenient since one does not need to worry about expiry dates, spoilage, proper storage, etc. If everything is not sold, one can always sell them during the next fundraising.

Customized lanyards are also great fashion items for people who are way too conscious of how they dress and how their clothes match one another. If you think your original school lanyard is too mainstream, or it does not match your new top or your new shoes all that well, then why not grab a custom lanyard that will do so. That way, the name of your school including your fashion conviction is what you will be wearing.

If you also want to stand out more, then why not design your own lanyard? Or choose something that reflects your personality more rather than choose custom lanyards with school names? You can also choose lanyards that show what you like rather than be limited to those provided by your school. For example, you can wear something that has your favorite quote in it, your favorite song, or your favorite band.

In conclusion, lanyards are more than easy to carry around holders of IDs, keys, or even cell phones. They can be a way to promote an event and help students do what they do best. They can be a medium to make a strong statement to onlookers and probably to help someone stand out from the crowd.

wholesalelanyards are still increasing in popularity and have become an essential security component of many businesses, schools, medical centers, government agencies, entertainment companies and more for displaying personal identification.

Almost every single average girl in the world finds fascination with cosmetics. Evidently enough, bags, school lockers, and bathroom drawers contain these pretty little things that enhance a girl’s beauty, making them a lot more confident.

While buying and collecting make up sure is fun, organizing such is most often the exact opposite. Bathroom drawers and vanity mirror desks are usually cluttered by these cosmetics. Most often than not, women already find it very hard to easily grab and identify one type of make up from another, thus making pampering and grooming time take a lot longer than how it should be.

Storage ContainerFortunately, there are tons of fabulous remedies for this problem.Below are five ways on how to store your grooming products – ways that will make them a lot more accessible and organized.These will surely inspire you to group all your products, stylishly store them in storage containers, and proudly display them.

1. Group and subsequently place your cosmetics inside clear storage containers.

Most often than not, going clear is actually the best way to go. These sleek, transparent, and see-through storage containers would definitely encourage you to be a lot tidier with your grooming products since you are going to have to display the containers filled with such on top of your vanity desk. You may also opt to keep such containers inside the drawer instead, but it still is a lot more appealing when you see a very neat compartment instead of a cluttered one.

2. Place larger containers of grooming products on bath storage containers.

Lotions, body butters, and hairspray usually come in large containers as compared to other grooming products. Instead of letting these clutter your dresser tops, organize them in bath storages instead.

You could also purchase another one to be placed inside your showers to organize you shampoo, conditioner, scrubs, and other bath essentials.

3. If you find the need to carry your cosmetics to and from the vanity mirror or the bathroom, use wired caddies.

Wired caddies are helpful in organizing stuff that you need to carry along with you as you move around your apartment.To know more about storage container visit moveablecontainer.com.These also work great at organizing cosmetic items on your desktops. Be careful, though, in choosing the size of your caddies. Grooming items that come in smaller packaging could actually fall through the spaces of a large wired caddy, so remember to pick one that would perfectly fit your cosmetic needs.

4. If you want an organizer that would slightly conceal your grooming products, and would give you a little bit more of privacy, choose an opaque container or organizer.

If you want to keep your cosmetic items more privately, then opaque is the way to go. Not only do these work in de-cluttering your dressers, but choosing one with the right color palette that would match your walls could actually help in beautifying your grooming space and making it look a lot more chic.

5. If you are more into choosing contemporary ways to neatly keep cosmetic items inside your drawers or on top of your dressers, then bamboo barrel organizers are the perfect fit.

Bamboo barrel cosmetic organizers also work great at organizing cluttered makeup. These organizers come in different sizes, so you could choose one that is perfect for your nail polish, foundation, lipsticks, or sets of brushes. Also, see to it that such organizers would fit into your drawers – that is, if you do intend to do such.

These barrel organizers also provide your grooming space with an earthier, more natural vibe that could work wonders in making you feel a lot fresher and more inclined with nature.

One of the more popular custom coins around today are those distributed and exchanged among members of the armed forces. The military in particular have a long history involving custom coins, commonly known as challenge coins.

These types of custom coins have a long tradition dating back to hundreds of years.

So significant are they that not only military men have them, but ranks among the police and the fire fighters as well. To underscore their fame, no less than three US presidents have distributed or had ownership of challenge coins.

President Bill Clinton once had several racks of challenge coins on display in the Oval Office back in the day. He says that U.S. service members gave these coins to him. Today you can see these coins on display at the Clinton Library.

On the other hand, President George W. Bush is also known to have in his possession a challenge coin. This was given to him by a Marine combat patrol unit during his visit to Iraq back in September of 2007.

In 2009, President Barack Obama famously laid challenge coins on the memorials of the soldiers who died in the Fort Hood shooting.

Custom-coinsIn fact, special custom coins called the Presidential coins do exist. They are still a form of challenge coin that one can receive from the hand of the president. There is one used during the inauguration of the president into office. The other commemorates the incumbent president’s administration. Such coins may be acquired by anyone in the public and have it as a keepsake. The third is an official coin that can be passed on to the recipient upon shaking the hand of the president.

Not just anybody can get these commemorative coins. Just like any challenge coin, these custom coins are often received in recognition for dedication, excellence and sacrifice in service.

It’s clear to see that the last type of challenge coin is the best one of all. Acquiring such a coin will give the owner bragging rights. He will certainly be the envy of all.

Beyond their significance and what they represent, challenge coins are likewise valued for their aesthetics and design. As they serve as medals or a form of reward, their design must exhibit the highest form of quality.

Challenge coins are 1/10-inch thick and between 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. They are very likely to have various surface design as there are all sorts of insignias and color possibilities. But what is interesting to note is that they have unusual shapes as well. One can find such coins in the shape of arrowheads, pentagons, shields or even dog tags.

These can be made from various metals like copper, nickel or pewter. Some limited editions are silver or gold plated. Polished gold and silver metal finishes are popular, as well as antique gold, antique silver and antique brass. Two-tone metal surfaces also make popular choices.

When it comes to adding color to the design, soft or hard enamels are used. epoxy coatings are also used with printed insets. Some people prefer these as they make the coins resistant to scratches.

The evolution of design of these coins has come a long way. Back in the early days, challenge coins showed simple designs with some markings, the faint outline of an emblem and text too obscure to be discerned. Thanks to modern minting technology, today’s challenge coins are as beautiful as they are varied, often showing 3-dimensional images and a level of sophistication the earliest challenge coin holders never even imagined.

Ever dreamed of having an expensive funeral in the future? Then plan ahead. There are a lot of pre-need plans out there that can cover death benefits to be used for necrological services. Arranging everything for one’s own demise is not a bad thing at all. When people are still alive, they work hard in order to live. So why not work hard for your own final resting place? Humans will all go there anyways. While others may welcome the idea of organizing things before they could leave the world forever, others want to take a different approach.

As for the baby boomers, planning for their future funeral should be different. Well, not really. It’s like getting back to the basics again. When they die, what they want is to bury their un-embalmed bodies straight into the Earth.

Just being wrapped in a shroud like a burrito, bodies are thrown to the ground and are being covered with some grass and soil. Some people call this as Chipotle funeral.

Considered as part of the “green burial” movement, this practice aims to get away with the traditional and modern methods of various funeral companies and shift into going back to basics instead.

In fact, this is where all people came from, dust from the earth, and they believe that people should all go back to this, literally and technically. For them, caskets do not come cheap. No other way can make a burial much cheaper but this way, a green and eco-friendly way.

FuneralThinking about retirement and beyond, baby boomers tend to think of what their remains will become. As for other people, it means planning for the whole funeral service and securing mausoleums, but for them, it all boils down to returning back on Earth very simply. It’s something different yet something strange for most individuals.

According to a funeral director in Annapolis, a typical green burial is when a grave was dug by hands to reduce carbon footprints and the traditional headstones were replaced by engraved river rocks.

This practice has been allowed by Washington’s Congressional cemetery. It is the only cemetery in the state that does that. If there are caskets to be used for un-embalmed bodies, they should be made out of biodegradable materials such as wicker and pine. Approximately, 20 to 30 green burials are carried out each year in this cemetery and no confirmed statistics could determine the actual numbers of these.

Upon seeing green burials, entrepreneurs took advantage of offering more creative cremation options such as turning human ashes into five-colored diamond choices, planting a seed on a biodegradable urn to grow into a tree, making vinyl records by pressing ashes and even using ashes to make canvas paintings or glass arts.

Whatever preparations one can make for his funeral, it is undeniable that people also have the right to choose regarding death matters. Whether it is solemn or simple, expensive or cheap, traditional or modern, it’s about how someone fulfilled his journey on the road to his final resting place.

What’s important is how someone can handle this kind of situation. As the Final Destination series says, one cannot ever cheat death. So why cheat when one could prepare before this moment comes? Typically, it’s like reviewing for the final exams before a student will march during graduation ceremonies to start a new journey after school. In this case, it’s by doing all the preparations before one could reach his final race – the end of life.

It’s not the really end anyways. All goodbyes mean new beginnings. For the departed, it’s about meeting the Creator and spending eternal life with Him.

There is a reason why golf is almost always portrayed as a rich man’s sport. The different pieces of golf equipment are often expensive. This is why golf players should think carefully before purchasing their equipment. Great equipment may be expensive, but with proper care, these could stay with the player for the entire length of his golf career.

Control and distance – choosing the golf clubs

Golf clubA golf club is the most costly golf equipment players have to buy in order to play. Moreover, players also cannot use just one club for a game, because each club type has its own special characteristics. What the players need to do is to get a general feel of the different clubs before purchasing his own.

Before choosing a club, a player should know the two factors that affect the performance of the ball upon impact: the control over the ball and the distance covered by the ball. These two are commonly indirectly proportional. Clubs would often favor one of the two factors by choosing one, the player ends up foregoing the other.

For players who prefer a certain level of control over their drives, it is best for them to check out clubs that do not require above average swing speeds to use. Recommended golf equipment would therefore be the Irons. Players who use irons would see how the club chooses a degree of control rather than optimized flight distance. The irons have the capability to limit the direction and distance of the ball, and the resulting spin upon hitting the ball.

For players who would rather have distance over control, they should look at the Woods. These are golf equipment known as the long distance clubs. The woods enjoy covering the longest distance they possibly can cover, but they sacrifice their degree of control over the drives and performance of the ball.

Level of Skills and Financial Limitations – selecting the golf ball

Though the golf ball may not be as expensive as a club, the average overall amount invested in golf balls throughout a person’s time is still a rather intimidating figure. One of the things that a player should realize is that he would end up routinely buying golf balls, simply because either he would lose some of these during games or he would wear the ball down to the point where the performance is adversely affected.

In choosing a golf ball, a golf player should consider matching his skills with the given ball. For those who are still beginners and are still in the training phase, they should check the practice balls or range balls. These balls have the same characteristics of an official golf ball but have shorter flight distance. They are, however, made as inexpensive as possible so the selling price would also be quite low. They are the balls often used in driving ranges.

For the average players, especially those with low swing speed, a fitting ball type is the recreational ball. They perform better than the practice range and are more expensive. They are recommended for players with low swing speed because the speed would match the low compression of the ball. They have reduced sides pin characteristics, making it hard to customize the drives done to it. In addition, they are great for people who tend to lose their balls easily on the course.Recreational balls are also commonly seen on the golf courses.

The advanced balls are best for the highly skilled players. They have high compression, thereby requiring the player to hit with above average swing speed. They also have better sides pin characteristics, making it easy to customize shots.

There are several reasons why people become interested in becoming a motivational speaker. First, you are the boss of yourself. You basically hold your own schedule. Secondly, you express your thoughts on a matter you are expert in and at the same time, touch people’s lives. Also, you get to travel anywhere just to speak and you meet several interesting people along the way. To top it all, you get paid to do something you love.

But then again, competition is tough. Being a motivational speaker entails luck, strategy, talent and skill. How can you put yourself ahead of everyone else?

Importance of Certificate Course

Motivational SpeakerA motivational speaker Certificate Course aims to develop your skills to become an effective speaker. This will ultimately give you an advantage in your self-branding and marketing strategies. You will earn not only a diploma but also respect from others as a professional speaker. Visit motivational-speaker-success.com here also a great training ground where you obtain confidence, expertise of the matter, and a sense of accomplishment.

A certificate in speaking will also help improve your credentials. Finishing a course implies you’re earnest to become better at what you do. And most of all, this is a great way to boost your career and income.

Where to Apply

There are several programs offered online. Check the colleges and institutes that offer certificate programs for motivational speaking. Find out the course syllabus of each and pinpoint which best suits your preferences. Some of the things you have to consider are:

•Length of the program.

Although most of the courses are self-paced, there are schools that only allot a certain duration to finish the classes.

•On and Off Campus Availability.

Do you have to go to campus, or is everything available online for home study?


Some offer the course for as low as $40, while some are so comprehensive that they go past the $400 mark.

•Coverage of the course.

Does it include improvement in speeches only, or does it also offer lessons in presentation and business set-up? Will you be able to hear from a successful motivational speaker?

•Credibility of the institution.

A lot of institution offers their services but you need to be wise in choosing one with a concrete foundation in learning, history, and achievements.

•Feedback from other students.

It is best to listen to what others have to say. Did the course meet their previous students’ expectations?

What to Expect at the End of the Course

The core skills you will develop will vary on the topic coverage and the institution that offers the course. Still, here are some common examples:

•Build confidence.

One of the things that should be addressed at the end of the course is fear of public speaking.

•Knowledge in proper speech structure.

Great motivational speakers create great speech structure, persuasive tone, and appropriate application of motivational speech foundation.

•Creating your own style.

Proper voice control, body language and tone, as well as perfect use of visuals must be addressed

•Setting up a Business.

Although this is something that is not usually covered, some institute or colleges incorporate this in their program to further the advantage of their students. It discusses not only speech preparation, but also setting up the needed finances for the speaking business, as well as introducing the students in handling employees and contracts.

•How to get hired.

Just like setting up business, you may not find this topic in some motivational speaker certificate courses. This topic covers proper approach to employees, creating demo materials, and even creating proposals for salary rate.

Given all those points, one thing should be clear by now – getting certified is definitely a must.

Keynote speakers are often mistaken as motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, plenary speakers, breakout speakers, industry experts, and the like. Visit motivational-speaker-success.com for more information.

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