There are several reasons why people become interested in becoming a motivational speaker. First, you are the boss of yourself. You basically hold your own schedule. Secondly, you express your thoughts on a matter you are expert in and at the same time, touch people’s lives. Also, you get to travel anywhere just to speak and you meet several interesting people along the way. To top it all, you get paid to do something you love.

But then again, competition is tough. Being a motivational speaker entails luck, strategy, talent and skill. How can you put yourself ahead of everyone else?

Importance of Certificate Course

Motivational SpeakerA motivational speaker Certificate Course aims to develop your skills to become an effective speaker. This will ultimately give you an advantage in your self-branding and marketing strategies. You will earn not only a diploma but also respect from others as a professional speaker. Visit here also a great training ground where you obtain confidence, expertise of the matter, and a sense of accomplishment.

A certificate in speaking will also help improve your credentials. Finishing a course implies you’re earnest to become better at what you do. And most of all, this is a great way to boost your career and income.

Where to Apply

There are several programs offered online. Check the colleges and institutes that offer certificate programs for motivational speaking. Find out the course syllabus of each and pinpoint which best suits your preferences. Some of the things you have to consider are:

•Length of the program.

Although most of the courses are self-paced, there are schools that only allot a certain duration to finish the classes.

•On and Off Campus Availability.

Do you have to go to campus, or is everything available online for home study?


Some offer the course for as low as $40, while some are so comprehensive that they go past the $400 mark.

•Coverage of the course.

Does it include improvement in speeches only, or does it also offer lessons in presentation and business set-up? Will you be able to hear from a successful motivational speaker?

•Credibility of the institution.

A lot of institution offers their services but you need to be wise in choosing one with a concrete foundation in learning, history, and achievements.

•Feedback from other students.

It is best to listen to what others have to say. Did the course meet their previous students’ expectations?

What to Expect at the End of the Course

The core skills you will develop will vary on the topic coverage and the institution that offers the course. Still, here are some common examples:

•Build confidence.

One of the things that should be addressed at the end of the course is fear of public speaking.

•Knowledge in proper speech structure.

Great motivational speakers create great speech structure, persuasive tone, and appropriate application of motivational speech foundation.

•Creating your own style.

Proper voice control, body language and tone, as well as perfect use of visuals must be addressed

•Setting up a Business.

Although this is something that is not usually covered, some institute or colleges incorporate this in their program to further the advantage of their students. It discusses not only speech preparation, but also setting up the needed finances for the speaking business, as well as introducing the students in handling employees and contracts.

•How to get hired.

Just like setting up business, you may not find this topic in some motivational speaker certificate courses. This topic covers proper approach to employees, creating demo materials, and even creating proposals for salary rate.

Given all those points, one thing should be clear by now – getting certified is definitely a must.

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Inquire about the packaging

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