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Social media – the door to your brand

February 1, 2010

Social media and its ambassadors Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have proven that they are not a fad and are well and truly entrenched in our personal and business lives. Plenty of us have a presence on all 3 at work and at home. They bring transparency and depth to our lives. They allow us to observe, inquire, engage and have a good nose around. That’s why social media is more important to your brand than perhaps you might realise.

Consumers are actively searching for more information about the brands they purchase. Bear with me on the analogy, but Charlie would have given anything to get a peek inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or talk to Willy himself. In today’s day and age (and hopefully with a bit more cash than he had then) Charlie would seek out Willy’s Facebook page, Twitter account and would no doubt be able to book a visit to the magical kingdom of chocolate factories. Will he buy even more Wonka bars as a result? Absolutely!

The choices that consumers make are increasingly about reputation and relationship. This calls for brands to be more and more transparent, authentic and conversational. If your brand doesn’t develop these Brandhabits soon you may well be left behind.

Case studies and presentations are plentiful across the web. How to use Twitter to grow your business, top 10 ways to connect with your customers through Facebook. I’ve just finished readingΒ  very simple but excellent advice for Facebook from @axon. They all point to the opportunities available for brands.

Social media is the door to your brand. Open the door and you open yourself to deeper and more valuable relationships with customers. Show them your office, your people (your oompa loompa’s), your culture and let them truly experience your brand and what you stand for.

It’s also the door to instant gratuity. Consumer’s don’t need to wait for much at all anymore. I skip to the beginning of programs on cable and through the ads, I check reviews online, my Christmas shopping was done in the space of approximately 34 minutes. If your brand’s door isn’t open, consumers will either find a way to break in (probably finding something you don’t want them to find) or just give up and bond with your competitor.

So, open the door to your brand and share it with your customers.

  1. Culture – Open the door to the heart of your brand. Share the people, the workings and the environment.Β Zappo’s take this to the extreme. Mr. Wonka’s factory playground brought the dream to life.
  2. Connection – Talk to them, allow them to connect with you in any which way they choose. Ben & Jerry’s do this excellently.
  3. Collaboration – Listen to what they have to say as well as educate them. The deeper their involvement, the more valuable they will become for your brand. Starbucks and MyStarbucksIdea is perhaps an over-used case study, but a fantastic example of this.
  4. Coolness – I’m not suggesting fashion cool, but as per my previous post on high disposable passion you can be ‘cool’ to your most valuable customers. The followers of Innocent Drinks & Intel (good case study here) would no doubt testify to this.

If you don’t, be prepared for your competitors to develop virtually unbreakable bonds with some of your customers. Beware Mr Slugworth, he’ll be happy to have a word in the ears of your customers.


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  1. February 7, 2010 10:33 pm

    Thought the invite only/drip feed release of gmail when it first started was a great strategy to generate excitement – certainly got me hooked!

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